Ad van Denderen GENK, A NEW HOME
Genk, a new home
1987-1988, 2014-2015

From the time the first mine was opened in Winterslag in 1917, followed a few years later by the one in Waterschei, mineworkers came from all over Europe: Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Yugoslavs and Italians.  During and after the Second World War they were joined by Russian and German prisoners-of-war. In the 1950s and 60s the Greeks, Spaniards, Turks and Moroccans arrived.
When he began this project, Van Denderen was preoccupied with the disappearance of the whole branch of industry. Thirty years later he is struck by the harmonious way in which all those nationalities mingled.

Registration Ostarbeiters, mines, Belgium, 1942. (Archive: museum van de mijnwerkerswoning)
Departure from Turkey to the mines in Belgium, ±1963. (Archive: Turkse Unie, Beringen)
Stone mountain, mine Waterschei, Belgium, 1987
Muslim prayer in the underground, mine Winterslag, Belgium, 1988
Shower, mine Winterslag, Belgium, 1988
Smoking room, guesthouse, Winterslag, Belgium, 1987
Guesthouse, Winterslag, Belgium, 1988
Vegetable garden, Waterschei, Belgium, 1987
Making pasta, Winterslag, Belgium, 1987
Italian cafe, Winterslag, Belgium, 1987
Greek restaurant O Geros, Winterslag, Belgium, 2015
Wardrobe, guesthouse, Winterslag, Belgium, 2014
Poisoning weeds, Winterslag, Belgium, 2014
Turkish woman mows the lawn, Sledderlo, Belgium, 2015