Peace in the Holy Land

Ad van Denderen visited Israel and the occupied territories several times, and succeeded in gaining access to factions which have influenced both Israeli and Palestinian progress in the peace process.
This access enabled Van Denderen to make a visual report about a world in which people are confronted with ‘the situation’ every day of their lives. Through being present at crucial moments in the conflct, Van Denderen has been able to record them. Peace in the Holy Land documents political developments in a part of the world which constantly begs our attention. At the same time, it shows us how people manage to survive under explosive circumstances,

publication: Peace in the Holy Land

Intifada, Hebron, West Bank, 1994
National campaign for new settlements, Neve Daniel, West Bank, 1993
Ashlim beach (for settlers only), Gaza, 1994
Hamas member removing the text \'We are proud of Naafi Sajim\'. The PLO had sprayed it on to Naafi Sajim\'s house after he was shot dead by the Israeli army, Beach Camp, Gaza, 1993
Palestinians on their way to the border of Egypt and Gaza to welcome the Palestinian police there, Rafah, Gaza, 1994
Exiled PLO members return. They are carried in triumph at the border of Egypt and Gaza, Rafah, 1994
Children from the settlement of Maale Adummim are building a new settlement, which is erected by Palestinian builders, Kefar Adummim, West Bank, 1993
Palestinian builders. Every morning, tens of thousands of Palestinians set off from Gaza to go to work in Israel. Ashdod, 1995
Election banners, Jabalia, Gaza, 1994
Hannah Asrawi canvassing for the Palestinian parliament, Jerusalem, 1996
Gaza-city, Gaza, 1994
Settlement Kyriat Arba, West Bank, 1994
Yassar Arafat with his army officers in no-man\'s land between Gaza and Israel, 1996
Hebron, West Bank, 1994